Mountain Bike Helmet Guide


XC / Enduro

The Speedframe is a premium open-face mountain biking helmet, prioritizing safety and comfort. It offers an industry-leading feature package, making it an excellent choice for all-mountain and trail riders. With both Pro and standard versions, it accommodates a wide range of rider preferences. The Pro features up-spec components such as dual-density Varizorb EPS, a FIDLOCK SNAP helmet buckle, and an Ionic+® liner.

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Downhill / Enduro

The Proframe Helmet has an exceptionally lightweight full-face design tailored for all-mountain and enduro riding. With its extensive coverage, featherweight construction, and outstanding airflow, its a go-to choice for riders tackling demanding terrain. There are two versions: the Proframe RS (Race Spec) and standard Proframe. The RS takes things up a notch with premium goodies such as a BOA® fit system and Mips Integra Split system.

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Cyclecross / XC

The Crossframe Helmet is your go-to choice for XC and gravel riding. This versatile and lightweight trail helmet is built to tackle everything from heart-pounding sprints to all-day epics. Packed with features, it's your trusted companion for long days out on the trail.

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As the ¾ shell helmet of choice for riders looking to drop in, the Dropframe Pro has taken its feature set to new levels of protection and fit that’ll transform your ride experience. With extended ear coverage, an adjustable BOA® Fit System, and a built-in Mips added protection system, you’re elevated to another level of safety as you shred. A standard Dropframe is also available.

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The Rampage Helmet is the top pick for downhill and enduro riders. With three models available – Rampage Pro Carbon, Rampage Comp, and Rampage – this collection is trusted by World Cup champions and local park riders alike. The Rampage delivers outstanding performance and protection for fast-pace downhill runs. Each tier is distinguished by its shell (carbon fiber, fiberglass, and ABS, respectively) and other features.

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Cross Country

The Mainframe Helmet combines style and crucial safety features with affordability, making it the perfect choice for those new to trail riding. Ride with confidence knowing the Mainframe is supported by Mips technology and backed by an impressive 5-Star helmet rating from Virginia Tech.

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The Flight Helmet is tailored for dirt jumping. It seamlessly blends style and safety to meet the needs of thrill-seekers. Engineered with cutting-edge features, including a sturdy shell and Mips technology, this helmet delivers the coverage you need to take to the air with confidence. There's the Flight Pro and standard Flight, with the Pro boasting a FOX 360 fit system, Ionic+® liner, and FIDLOCK closure.

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