Fox Goggle Guide

MTB goggles are compatible with a number of our helmets including the RPC, Dropframe, and Proframe. Equipping goggles on the trail provides eye coverage, UV protection, and aids in clear vision. But which style is right for you? Scroll below for a side-by-side comparison of our Fox MTB Goggles.



The most breathable and highest clarity trail goggle.

  1. 2 Injected Polycarbonate Lenses
  2. Toric Lens shape for best-in-class optics and peripheral vision
  3. Optimized Airflow
  4. Adjustable strap and multiple nose pads to customize fit
  5. VIVID lens enhances vision in flat light
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The Vue is our pro-level MTB goggle. They provide the widest field of view and increased impact resistance, and a quick change lens system.

  1. Precurved Lens
  2. Anti-Fog Lens
  3. Moisture Wicking Foam
  4. Outrigger System
  5. Trulock Lens Change System
  6. 45mm Strap
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Airspace borrows features from our Vue goggles resulting in increased ventilation and peripheral vision. An outrigger system provides improved comfort, and the VLS compatibility allows you to upgrade lenses.

  1. VLS System
  2. Wide View Port
  3. Moisture Wicking Foam
  4. Outrigger System
  5. 45MM Strap
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Main Goggles provide the best value on the market. A wide viewport, exceptional comfort, and VLS compatibility give you the essentials you need to excel.

  1. VLS System
  2. Wide View Port
  3. Moisture Wicking Foam
  4. 45MM Strap
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